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I like that its longer then your second one, but that's all. It wasn't as fluid. I did like the spider web effect. Keep making more!

A+ Work

Great work! I hope you get a great grade. This is so good, I'd bet $50 it will make the front page. Great voice acting/sync. 5/5 10/10


I'm so glad you didn't try to hide this as something else. Thanks for the warning. The fact that you had both alternating colors and alternating black/white at the same time seemed to enhance the seizure effect. I loved the animation too, and you made a good choice in music. I'm looking forward to the next one(s).

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it was't bad

I liked it, but it was really easy. I gave up playing after i got to wave 1000, but i lasted until wave 1033 without shooting. It was fun until I noticed all i had to do was spin and spam the power-ups. It took no skill at that point.

Its a good start.

It was fun for the first 15 minutes, but after that it was just a grind to the next level. Each level starts off the same, the opponent sends out all his forces in at the start. With some infantry in afterwards. The simplest solution to that is to launch a stream of Tomahawk Missiles until the rocket launchers are gone, and just let your tanks and helicopters finish off the infantry and AA trucks still remaining.

Another problem I have is whenever anything was killed their projectile was destroyed as well. Most notably the rocket trucks.

Something I would like to see added would be a button to allow automatic production of units. Once you have enough money it is just tedious and BORING to continuously click the production button. Or you could simply increase the maximum amount of cued units to 99, but that would still require a boring amount of clicking.

I also found it hard to select a specific unit once it was among a mass of stationary units. To avoid this you could allow for the selection of multiple units.

As one other person has said, Once you deploy a strike, you are automatically returned to the unit production tab. This can be quite aggravating and potentially time consuming, if you intend on making multiple strikes. Simply allowing the tab to remain open can prevent this problem.

After playing this until level 50 I simple got bored with the lack of challenge. Is there even an end!? If so, why is the progression so slow. I had 25 million dollars and nothing to spend it on. Maybe you could add an upgrade to "End the War". Simply buy out the opposition, and and the game. It would add a nice conclusion, a foreseeable goal, and a challenge to complete the objective in a shorter amount of turns. Personally I feel this would add Replay value, and simply more FUN!

The Chinook drops are a good idea, but with the inability to select a unit among a mass of stationary ones, it makes it almost imposable to drop your units. If you make it automatically drop them near the front lines that would make it much easier, or simply make it like the strikes and allow you to deploy them to a specific location.

Two things i would LOVE to see added are; hot keys and more units.

Overall I couldn't enjoy this as much as I would like to, due to these faults. But despite the faults, it has a great look. There is no need to to change anything about the graphics.

Overall i give this game a 3/5.


High score was 54.2 sec. That red ball is nasty... fun game except it seemed to get laggier the longer i played it.

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Turned out great

It turned out great! Thanks for the credit, although I didn't do much. ^_^ I'm happy to help. I still don't like the begining all too much lol, but once it all come togeather it works out great! The begining's not bad. It's just not my taste. If you need any more help, I'll be glad to.

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

Thanks for helpin me keep changing it (i wouldhave submitted it without even going back and tweaking it if it wasnt for u, thanks)


Tis is one of the best audio pieces i have heard in months. Although, I didn't like the ending too much...

not bad

not bad. what did you use to make this?

Shootout responds:

I used a program called Fruity Loops 3.
Thats the program thats used for most of the music on newgrounds.


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